Extensive route trials leads to Enviro200 purchase for Reliance

Following extensive route trials involving a number of single-deck vehicle options, Yorkshire-based Reliance Motor Services has introduced a new 41-seat ADL Enviro200.

The family business, which was established in 1930, is now run by John Duff and his grandson Gary Newby.

“We operate a diverse range of service routes throughout North Yorkshire and the city of York, along with a number of school contracts for the county council,” says Duff. “These involve rural, urban and city routes, so it was imperative that we introduced a vehicle capable of tackling all of these aspects, while also giving us the best returns in terms of fuel efficiency and performance.”

Gary Newby adds: “The ADL team was hugely accommodating and over a period of time we undertook trials with vehicles at sub-nine metres, at 9.6m and at just under 11m. In the end we went for the 10.8m Euro6 Enviro200, which is low carbon certified and incorporates ADL’s smart pack, including stop-start technology.

“It was an interesting exercise to operate and determine the distinct advantages of the various models, all of which will stand us in good stead for the future.”