Two new product launches from Ticketer at Euro Bus Expo

Ticketer is launching two new products at this year’s Euro Bus Expo, a new hybrid Demand Response Travel for dynamic scheduling and Tap on/Tap off technology for faster boarding and account-based ticketing.

ToTo technology is the next stage in enabling operators to offer the most convenient and flexible fares for passengers, according to Ticketer. It facilitates variable- and distance-based charging so passengers always automatically pay the best fare. ToTo also speeds up boarding as passengers no longer need to request a ticket and operators have access to a wealth of data on passenger journeys for more accurate scheduling and fare charging.

Ticketer is also adding DRT functions to its ETMs to extend the reach and enable services to be run according to passenger demand.

Meanwhile, Ticketer says its new passenger app, ZipTrip, is already proving to be popular with its customers, offering passengers real-time information including live departure times, bus locations, detailed route information and how to find the nearest bus stop.

“Our products are designed to make it as easy as possible for passengers to use the bus, get more people to use the bus, give passengers every payment option that they might require and to give our operators all the information they need to improve the efficiencies of their bus services,” says John Clarfelt, Ticketer managing director. “We are therefore very excited to share with visitors to Euro Bus Expo all of the new technologies that we have worked so hard on this year.”