First Bus opts for Jaltest diagnostics

First Bus engineers are now using Jaltest from Eclipse as their sole diagnostic system across all UK depots. The system aims to increase the capability to diagnose vehicle defects, increase familiarity with a simple platform and ultimately lead to reduced costs.

Following a series of trials of all available diagnostic equipment, First Bus decided that selecting one generic diagnostic platform would not only reduce costs, but would improve efficiencies and vehicle availability across its fleet. The business selected the Jaltest – Eclipse Testpad Extreme to cover all its diagnostic requirements.

Jaltest provides a generic system, backed by dedicated technical support, resulting in increased familiarity and capability with a single system, enhancing in-house diagnostic capability and reducing future training focus to one, instead of several, diagnostic systems.

“We’re pleased to announce that we have been working with Eclipse over the last year to develop a system that will benefit our dedicated team of engineers,” says Ian Warr, engineering director, First Bus. “The trials we conducted demonstrated the capability of the system, as well as the additional support provided. We are confident that through training, familiarity and the use of only one diagnostic system, First Bus engineers will increasingly maximise the use of Jaltest and progressively reduce the spend on third party labour for assistance with diagnostics and increase the fleet availability.”

Richard Parkin, sales director at Eclipse, adds: “We are delighted to have been able to provide First Bus with 48 Eclipse Jaltest multi-brand systems across their network, replacing the multiple diagnostic products previously used. The strong relationship that has been built during the last year, together with the work of our dedicated training team, has been a vital element in the successful national rollout of the multiple packages across the First Bus network.”