Temsa aims for serial production of autonomous bus in 2022

Temsa has demonstrated its first electric autonomous concept vehicle, an MD9 electriCITY, at the Nvidia Europe GTC in Munich, announcing plans to go into serial production in 2022.

The Turkish builder is already finalising plans for serial production of its 9m MD9 electriCITY and 12m Avenue Electron. The autonomous concept vehicle was developed in cooperation with Galatasaray University and Infotech and supported by the Scientific and Research Council of Turkey.

“The rapid developments in technology are actually redesigning the economic trends in the world,” says Temsa CEO Hasan Yıldırım. “Chiefly among them are smart transport and smart cities. And the most important part of the smart city vision is electric and autonomous vehicles.

“Annually, we allocate about 5 per cent of our consolidated turnover to R&D efforts with a view to becoming a global brand in our industry.”

The autonomous MD9 electriCITY is equipped with three LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) radars and cameras which measure the distance from objects and surfaces nearby. The vehicle is also equipped with an infrared stereo camera to detect other vehicles and people around. Additionally, two cameras on top of the vehicle confirm the presence of objects in the area.