Plaxton becomes first to offer approved Euro 6 retrofit solution

Plaxton is now offering a retrofit solution for Volvo B9R Euro 5 coaches following successful trials and formal approval of the Euro 6-standard aftertreatment system developed by Eminox.

“We’ve been working closely with Eminox, currently the only approved supplier of a Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme certified at Euro 6 for coaches, and we now have a bespoke solution,” says Jamie MacIntosh, used vehicle sales manager, Plaxton. “While this project has been specifically about a bespoke system for the ADL Plaxton Elite body, Eminox’s approved B9R system has been developed to upgrade other bodies such as the Leopard and Panther.”

Martin Dunleavy, general manager of used bus and coach sales, ADL, adds: “These trials have been an overwhelming success and we look forward to taking the product further. The outcome also represents a real boost for the second-hand coach market as many operators have been caught in a quandary about writing-off perfectly good coaches or investing in full-price new models. Now they have a meaningful, cost-efficient option.”

James Thorpe, UK sales manager, Eminox, says: “Our commitment to developing systems for the coach industry continues in 2019. We understand the demands from the market and can provide a cost-efficient solution for operators to meet Euro6 emissions standards with ADL Plaxton.”