Sustainable plan for Lothian sees it commit to Euro 5 minimum

Lothian has launched a new business environmental strategy that involves a pledge to operate only Euro 5 or better buses by the end of 2020 in order to meet the Scottish Government’s target of a 42 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Lothian’s 2020 Vehicle Plan sets out the investment and reasons behind the purchase and disposal of vehicles in order to achieve this target, estimated at £78million.

“Lothian is an essential part of the fabric of Edinburgh and Scotland and carries over 350,000 customers every day across our complete operating area,” says Richard Hall, Lothian managing director. “We are continually looking to the future and how we evolve our business model, including how an ‘active’ travel journey which includes walking, cycling and public transport will play a role in the evolution and development of society and the socio-economic change we are now seeing across the world. Add to that the obvious health benefits and it’s a simple solution.

“Even with buses accounting for less than 5 per cent of the overall road transport emissions, it’s still important that we play our part as a sociably responsible business by doing everything we can to reduce emissions in our city. Our Bus2020 strategy sets out our plans to cut our emissions to reduce our impact on the environment and ensure we meet the Scottish Government’s 42 per cent climate reduction target.

“As technology moves forward we will evolve our long term relationships and continue to work with our key suppliers to review, trial and invest in the latest technologies to ensure we are leading the way in tackling air quality and climate change.”

Since 2011, the company claims to have achieved substantial emission reductions through the purchase of over 300 vehicles and the disposal of older vehicles. By the end of 2020, Lothian will have removed 12,219tonnes of CO2 emissions and 307tonnes of NOx emissions from the local environment.

Nick Page, managing director, Volvo Bus UK and Ireland, adds: “Volvo Bus in the UK and globally has remained at the forefront of environmentally friendly products, ensuring that the latest legislative demands are met and exceeded, while working with government and organisations to drive the low carbon and low emission bus agenda.

“Over the last 20 years there have been significant developments in engine and driveline technologies from Euro 2 through to the latest clean Euro 6 technologies, including those fitted to Lothian’s latest vehicles. Lothian have been with us throughout our journey and have continuously challenged us to deliver products that not only meet but exceed the latest legislative demands. These products have included longer wheelbase double-deck vehicles, hybrid vehicles and a new high-capacity double-deck vehicle.

“Whilst there have been ongoing concerns over diesel vehicle emissions over the last 18 months, Euro 6 heavy diesel vehicles are cleaner than ever and this is why we are happy to work with Lothian to deliver these latest Euro 6 vehicles to Edinburgh.”

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