BYD puts electric coach on trial in France

Presented in France for the first time at Autocar Expo in October last year, the BYD 13m full-electric coach, which was assembled in Beauvais, is now on trial in France. Hosted by the Region Hauts-de-France, Transdev and BYD, a launch event was held in Beauvais to mark the start of the trial.

In Beauvais two BYD buses have been in operation since December last year, but these electric coaches are designed to operate on long-distance services. All the BYD electric buses delivered to Beauvais, Dunkerque and Orléans were assembled by BYD France in Beauvais, Hauts-de-France.

Operated by Transdev Hauts-de-France, the electric coach runs twice a day on route 33E between the bus stations of Beauvais and Compiègne, through Clermont station, on a route of around 120km length, a total of 240 km per day.

“We are testing the 100 per cent electric coach in rural areas to improve the air quality and the health of the people living there,” says Franck Dhersin, vice-president in charge of transport and transport infrastructure, Hauts-de-France region. “There is a political will to switch to green energy. If nothing changes it would end up costing the community much more in terms of the environment and health.”

Amir Slimane, director of CABARO, the local affiliate of Transdev, adds: “This experiment is a real opportunity for the energy transition in this area, for the passengers to appreciate a new mobility solution and for our team to drive electric buses.”

Isbrand Ho, managing director, BYD Europe and president, BYD France, says: “After delivering our first electric buses last December to Beauvais, Dunkirk and Orleans, BYD is proud to implement with Transdev this trial of our new electric coach. It is an opportunity to give BYD some visibility on the road of the Hauts-de-France region.”

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