Interurban Plaxton Leopard coaches for Lothian

New 49-seat interurban Plaxton Leopard coaches for Lothiancountry are due to be unveiled at the UK Coach Rally in Blackpool on 6 April. The vehicles are part of an order for eight coaches built to a new interurban specification on Volvo B8R 4×2 chassis and will be used on Lothiancountry express routes.

“Creating modal shift from the car ensures we will reduce congestion and environmental impacts across our society,” says Richard Hall, managing director, Lothian. “To give commuters a credible alternative coupled with high levels of customer service means that our investment in these new 49-seat coaches with improved accessibility features has been designed with the customer’s comfort and convenience in mind. We look forward to seeing these vehicles on service across our networks soon.”

Colin Robertson, Alexander Dennis chief executive, adds: “The new Plaxton Leopard interurban coach has been tailored to meet Lothian’s exacting specification and the demands of a busy interurban operation.”

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