Bowmonk Tapley products on show at the CV Show 2019

Bowmonk Tapley will be exhibiting at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show, demonstrating BrakeCheck, its popular DVSA-approved portable brake tester for recording and printing brake test results. BrakeCheck is approved for interim safety inspection brake tests and for the three-monthly voluntary brake test.

Alongside the standard version of BrakeCheck, Bowmonk will be demonstrating the recently announced “BrakeCheck Geo”, which contains a built-in GPS receiver so that the exact location of the brake test can be recorded along with the brake test results.

Another diagnostic product on display will be SensorCheck, for quickly diagnosing ABS-related faults without having to remove the road wheel.

Bowmonk’s T5 Event Data Recorder will also be demonstrated. The T5 contains a built-in accelerometer, GPS, digital inputs and CAN-bus interface, and is capable of recording information at high resolution and then uploading this to the cloud via its built-in modem.

Intelligo, a cloud-based reporting solution, allows fleet managers to view T5 data from across the fleet and to generate reports which quickly and clearly highlight their desired information. Typical uses include building up a detailed picture of events during and before an incident/accident, monitoring driver behaviour, vehicle tracking, ensuring regulatory compliance, monitoring asset utilisation and vehicle maintenance alerts.

Visitors to Bowmonk’s stand will be able to see the T5 in action and experience a live demo of the Intelligo cloud reporting solution.

Meanwhile, Bowmonk’s In-CarPC division will be demonstrating a range of fanless in-vehicle computers which provide a rugged hardware platform for functions including digital signage, infotainment, CCTV, communications, tracking, job dispatch and navigation. Among the models on display will be the new CQ70 series PC, whose NVIDIA GPU is ideal for use in demanding applications such as autonomous vehicle research, or for digital signage applications requiring up to seven independent displays. Also on display will be the CQ40 series PC which offers performance and functionality in a compact form factor.

In-CarPC’s range of 4G Wi-Fi routers, which can utilise high-gain external antennas to offer a reliable source of internet connectivity, will also be demonstrated.

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