Keeping your vehicle Euro VI compliant with Eminox Aftermarket DPFs

A Euro VI vehicle might not meet emissions standards if its diesel particulate filter (DPF) is not maintained correctly, warns emissions specialist Eminox.

“An Eminox Aftermarket DPF is a cost-effective solution to replacing a faulty filter, getting your vehicle back on the road within 24 hours,” says a spokesperson for Eminox. “Euro VI emissions standards are in the spotlight as a growing number of Clean Air Zones are introduced around the UK. London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone has already started and other cities will soon start charging non-compliant heavy duty vehicles.”

DPFs are a key component of Euro VI emissions solutions and need to be checked, re-generated manually or cleaned off-vehicle at every service.

If it is not maintained correctly, the filter can become blocked, causing vehicles to switch into ‘limp-mode’ or immobilise them completely, adds Eminox. As a consequence, the vehicle will no longer meet emissions standards and have a higher running cost.

Eminox supplies type-approved, certified Euro VI replacement DPFs covered by a two-year/200,000 km warranty and supplied as standard with all necessary gaskets and clamps.

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