Maximising efficiency with Bridgestone’s three-in-one FleetPulse solution

Bridgestone’s three-in-one FleetPulse solution comprises a mobile app, a central website and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System hardware to enable fleets to keep on top of maintenance activities. Through the FleetPulse online portal, fleet managers have a real-time view of all vehicles via the cloud, including defects and damage as well as performance data. They can then individually notify drivers and technicians through the FleetPulse App about new checklists, service bookings and even the removal of vehicles from the road.

And when used with the TPMS, drivers will be able to automatically check a vehicle’s tyre pressures and receive alerts if they are too low.

TPMS allows the fleet to keep tyre pressures at optimum levels via the app, a dongle and the tyre sensors. It helps the fleet to reduce tyre costs, fuel consumption and number of breakdowns.

FleetPulse automatically connects to the vehicle’s TPMS and collects data on tyre pressure. It then relays the results back to drivers and managers through the FleetPulse app and online dashboard in real-time.

The sensors are fitted on each tyre, and have a three-year battery life and can be fitted without removing the tyres, since they are connected in the existing pressure valves externally.

Bridgestone claims that FleetPulse is the only solution on the market combining vehicle checks, booking services, fleet management and TPMS in a single platform, while enabling real-time communication between drivers, technicians and fleet managers via the cloud.

FleetPulse can be used anytime, by any driver, across all vehicle and tyre brands, and is available on Android devices.

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