Akasol wins long-term order from commercial vehicle partner

Akasol reports a significant follow-up order for EV batteries from a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer. From 2021 until the end of 2027 the company will supply the third generation of its high energy battery systems for various electric vehicles.

In February 2019, Akasol expanded its existing framework agreement with the manufacturer for the delivery of its second-generation battery system and this contract will now be extended.

“We are proud of the confidence that our long-term customer has once again placed in us to expand our highly successful cooperation and that Akasol remains supplier for a strategically important e-mobility component for various electric vehicles manufactured by this global player,” says Sven Schulz, CEO, Akasol AG.

Akasol’s  first generation  lithium-ion battery system has a storage capacity of 50kWh and will be followed in 2020 by the second-generation with 66kWh of storage capacity, and from 2021, it will start deliveries of a third generation featuring very high energy density at 100kWh per pack, twice the energy of the first generation batteries.

The increased storage capacity is achieved by a newly-developed cylindrical cell module type AKAModule CYC. Depending on the installed storage capacity, the new battery system technology enables ranges for electric buses or trucks of up to 700km, according to Akasol. And, the third generation system is capable of fast-charging and can be charged at up to 500kW. The battery systems will be produced at the new headquarters in Darmstadt starting in 2021, and in a new factory in Detroit from 2022.


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