E-Mobility focus for INIT at Coach & Bus UK

At Coach & Bus UK, INIT is highlighting a range of technologies which it says are aligned with the e-Mobility agenda in the public transport sector.

“Our R&D team is already working on tomorrow’s challenges and we are constantly looking at ways of developing solutions and services which respond to these changing requirements, by creating innovative technology which integrates all operational processes for the deployment of electric vehicles,” says Jens Mullak, INIT UK managing director. “INIT is over 35 years old; this provides transport organisations with stability and also vast experience and these experts will be at Coach & Bus UK to hear about operational problem areas whilst showcasing how we can solve these problems.

“Key cities in the UK are leading the change in this sector and we imagine others will follow. We offer help with route planning and dispatching, range prediction, management and monitoring of the charging processes, and analysis and reports which is key in helping run a large fleet of electric vehicles effectively. We can also help transport organisations to monitor the state of charge of electric vehicles and receive warnings when the charging level has become critical.


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