FirstBus starts trial of ITSO mobile tickets in Glasgow

First Group is conducting a trial of ITSO-on-Mobile integrated with Google Pay, on Ticketer ETMs and facilitated by Corethree. In the trial, instead of using a physical ITSO smartcard, passengers with First Bus Glasgow will be able to tap their smartphone onto the Ticketer readers to validate their ITSO travel products.

ITSO Transit Hub’s mobile ticketing solution will deliver ITSO-compatible mobile ticketing to First Bus Glasgow passengers through Corethree and fulfilled into Google Pay, before being rolled out to more than 1.6 million passengers across the First Bus network.

The solution securely delivers First Bus tickets within seconds from the operator’s app directly into the passenger’s Google Pay digital wallet. This is then instantly recognised by the Ticketer readers on First Bus buses, providing an end-to-end mobile ticketing solution.

“This is a clear validation of our commitment to provide the best customer experience through technology innovation,” says Dave Lynch, CIO, First Group. “This collaboration will enable our passengers to simply tap their Android smartphone on the Ticketer ETM to validate their journey. We look forward to working closely with our long-term partners in Ticketer, Corethree, ITSO Transit Hub and the Google Pay team to conduct a successful pilot and extend this exciting facility to all of our passengers across the UK.”

Steve Wakeland, ITSO Transit Hub director, adds: “Smartphones are central to our busy lives and across all industries, mobile payments are becoming the popular choice. We recognise that public transport needs to keep up with this digital shift and this has been the driver behind developing ITSO on Mobile, the only mobile ticketing solution integrated with Google Pay that stores ITSO travel tickets alongside other cards and passes, to offer passengers a seamless journey.”

John Clarfelt, Ticketer CEO, says: “ITSO on Mobile will further extend our ticketing capability and once it is rolled out across the First Bus network, will offer even more choice and convenience to passengers.”

The ITSO on Mobile solution offers customers the convenience of not having to carry an assortment of travel cards in a physical wallet.

Clarfelt adds: “We are proud that our ETMs will be used to bring ITSO on Mobile to UK bus passengers for the first time. First Bus customers will be able to validate their ITSO Smart cards through their phones, removing the need to carry an assortment of cards. This is a huge step towards frictionless travel.”

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