Horiba calls for government funding to support re-powering with electric drivetrain

Horiba Mira is hoping that the government’s announcements on funding to support decarbonising buses made before the election was called, will find their way to re-powering solutions such as the one it is undertaking alongside Germany-based partners BZW and Ziehl-Abegg.

The project will see the three partners supply electric powertrain solutions, with the option of a complete retrofit for existing bus fleets.

Greg Harris, global electrification services leader, Horiba Mira, says: “This funding offers a great opportunity to a number of local authorities, bus manufacturers and operators, currently involved in helping the UK transition to a cleaner public transport network.

“While the onus to-date has mainly been on bringing new electrical buses to market, not to be overlooked is the major role retrofitting existing buses to e-Buses can play in the UK’s all-electric bus towns’ pilot, and in meeting the EU’s clean vehicles directive.”

“Converting existing bus fleets offers a cost-effective and innovative solution to deploying cleaner electric public buses across Europe and we’d urge all bus owners and operators to consider this as a viable alternative to buying new electric buses.”

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