Sydney backs tendering plans

The New South Wales Government claims that its tendering system for Sydney’s remaining state-run bus services offers advantages for commuters and the economy. Tourism and transport forum chief executive Margy Osmond pointed to other Australian states and international examples where franchising delivers better results to government and commuters.

“The management of bus networks is an area of transport policy in which the private sector has proven again and again that it can deliver quality services and also save taxpayers’ money – that is the benchmark by which we should be deciding on the best operator of our bus networks,” says Osmond.

“Franchising is a great model for the NSW Governments to embrace for their bus networks – it keeps the infrastructure including the buses and depots in public hands but contracts out the operation of these assets to experienced private operators for the period of the contract.

“This is in no way a radical policy change for NSW – Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin have bus networks that are completely managed by private operators and not the government.

“Sydney is half way there with a hybrid system of private and publicly operated buses – past examples make the clear case that private operators should be given the chance to competitively bid for the four contracts being run by Sydney Buses.”

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