UK city regions prioritise transport in plans to tackle climate crisis

City regions in the UK and beyond have the opportunity to address the escalating climate crisis whilst creating healthier and more liveable cities, by making connections between the transport, energy and built environment sectors, according to a new report from the Urban Transport Group. The report, Making the connections on climate, draws together practical examples of the links that can be made on climate at the city region level between transport and energy, and between transport and the decarbonisation and adaptation of the built environment.

“The scale and urgency of the climate crisis we are facing, and the actions it requires, can often seem overwhelming,” says Stephen Edwards, chair, Urban Transport Group and executive director, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive. “This report seeks to give professionals in city region transport authorities a sense of agency, and source of inspiration, on practical measures that can be taken to join the dots between transport projects, energy efficiency and adaptation to a changing climate. It also points the way to how cities can scale up on the connections they can make to deliver more comprehensive climate wins for cities.”

In highlighting options for building in climate connections to transport projects, the report aims to provide decision makers with a series of practical interventions they can make on a case-by-case basis. The report also profiles how cities can go further by making these connections in a systematic and strategic way, using Nottingham and Munich as case studies.

Jonathan Bray, director, Urban Transport Group, adds: “Given the climate imperative, we need to learn – and learn fast – about how best to move to a more integrated approach to decision making on transport, energy and the built environment. We hope this new report, will help in that process.”

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