Bespoke coupon printing to be demonstrated by Ticketer

At this year’s Euro Bus Expo in the Technology Zone, Ticketer will be launching what it claims is an industry first. The company has developed a facility for operators to add bespoke coupons to tickets as they are printed from the Ticketer Electronic Ticket Machine. This innovation has been designed to give operators the ability to incentivise and reward passengers at no additional expense.

The coupons differ from traditional money-off coupons, typically printed on the back of tickets, because they can be tailored to the time of day, day of the week and even to the route or ticket type, according to Ticketer. They are available now to all existing Ticketer operators through its back office system, enabling users to set the coupons up themselves, instantly.

Offers can feature local businesses that are on a specific bus route, and can be tailored so that they are relevant at a specific time of day, such as promotions for breakfast or Sunday brunch. They can also feature seasonal offers, for example during the summer or at Christmas.

“We are constantly working with our clients to find ways for them to get the most out of our ETMs, and to help drive more passengers on bus,” says John Clarfelt, managing director, Ticketer. “The new coupon facility is all about giving the operators more tools with which to run their business and add value for their customers with offers that are tailored to them. And the great thing is it costs our clients absolutely nothing to do it.”