Go Ahead hybrid decker fleet set to reach 600 by end of 2016

Go Ahead hybrid decker fleet set to reach 600 by end of 2016

Go Ahead London has taken delivery of the first five vehicles in an order for 74 ADL Enviro400 hybrid double-decks, with the balance of the order delivered during the course of 2016. The Enviro400s will operate from Camberwell bus garage on routes 35 and 40.

Go Ahead London’s hybrid fleet is set to reach 600 by the end of this year, representing 26 per cent of its 2,300 vehicles in the capital.

“This is a big year for us and these latest deliveries from ADL represent another quantum leap in terms of staying at the forefront of the drive towards ultra, low-emission vehicles,” says Richard Harrington, engineering director, Go Ahead London. “We will take that effort a stage further later this year when we introduce Europe’s first large-scale fleet of 51 pure electric buses. ADL will again be involved in this project as part of a joint initiative with BYD, the Chinese bus manufacturer.”

Harrington adds that despite the emergence of full-electric buses, he believes that hybrids have a big role to play in the short to medium-term.

 “TfL’s aim is to have 300 electric buses in operation by 2020, which is a realistic objective in light of the energy supply issues that would surround a whole-scale transition. We need to keep working on improvements to the technology that is tried and proven – and capable of doing an 18-hour shift day after day – while also keeping one eye on the future.”