Mellor's new vehicles unveiled at Euro Bus Expo

Mellor Coachcraft will be exhibiting its new range of vehicles for the first time at Euro Bus Expo, including the 30-seat, flat-floor Maxima which can take up to eight wheelchairs. The Maxima will appear alongside the Sprinter-based low-floor bus, Strata and the Tucana II, a coach-built accessible 15-seater which is based on the Volkswagen T6 with a DSG gearbox option.

“We are pleased to be able to present all three new models together,” says Mellor general manager John Randerson. “When operators view the new range, I hope they will be able to see how Mellor has truly surged ahead in terms of both design and finish.

“Our low-floor fare-stage bus, the Strata, attracted buyers before it went into production, confirming that our decision to build a Sprinter-based coach-built vehicle for the stage carriage market was the right one. This bus now offers a 22-seater at 22mpg.”

The Maxima is aimed at the former market for Mercedes-Benz Vario-based vehicles. It is built on an Iveco 7.5tonne Daily as a 30-seat midicoach.

The new Tucana II aims to build on the sales of 600 of its predecessor model, and comes with an improved entrance door and a redesign inside and out including the ability to accommodate up to four wheelchairs without the need for a passenger lift.