New Enviro200 fleet for Stagecoach in Rotherham

New Enviro200 fleet for Stagecoach in Rotherham Rotherham deputy mayoress Ann Middleton; deputy mayor Chris Middleton; Stagecoach regional director, north Gary Nolan; and managing director, Stagecoach Yorkshire Paul Lynch.

Stagecoach Yorkshire has unveiled ten Enviro200 MMC buses worth £1.4million for its 22X route which runs between Barnsley, Wombwell, Wath, Manvers, Parkgate and Rotherham.

The new generation Enviro200 carries five more passengers than the original Enviro 200 and is 200kg lighter. 

“The 22X is an important spine service for Stagecoach, serving lots of important places and employment hubs, such as Manvers, and carries more than a million passengers each year, so we are proud to be improving this route,” says Paul Lynch, managing director, Stagecoach Yorkshire. 

“We like to innovate and investment is key to our success. In ten years, we have introduced more than 300 new buses and the average age of our fleet is just six and a half years in Rotherham, compared to the industry average of eight years.

“Out of all the large operators, Stagecoach has the best track record for investment, low fares and customer service.”