New high-specification 15m Volvo/Plaxton for East Yorkshire Coaches

New high-specification 15m Volvo/Plaxton for East Yorkshire Coaches

East Yorkshire Coaches, the coaching arm of Hull-based EYMS, has just taken delivery of the most expensive coach that the company has ever purchased. At around £350,000 the new 15m Volvo/Plaxton coach seats 75 passengers.

The Volvo/Plaxton combination has been a favourite in the East Yorkshire fleet but the latest coach has a range of additional features including video monitors throughout the interior, exterior and internal CCTV, wi-fi and USB ports for passengers’ use.

The new flagship coach which features a logo to celebrate EYMS’ 90th anniversary that starts in October, joins a fleet of 13 vehicles used on private charter, day trip and holiday tour business. 

“I am delighted that we were able to buy such a prestige coach and I am sure it will prove very popular with large groups, as it will often mean that they need to hire only one coach instead of two which will be a money saver for them,” says EYMS chairman Peter Shipp. 

“There will be a small dedicated team of drivers for this coach, which because of its size does require careful handling in confined places, and the drivers, engineers and garage shunters. are being trained and familiarised with the coach this week.”