Stop-Start technology proves its worth, says Voith

Installed in more than 100 buses in the UK since July 2015, Voith says its Stop-Start technology has proven its performance and reliability in service.

During normal operating conditions, at bus stops, red traffic lights and traffic load, city buses spend up to 40 per cent of their time in idling mode. During this period the Voith DIWA.6 automatic transmission allows the bus to disengage its driveline in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. 

Particularly designed for urban traffic, the DIWA.6 is capable of stop times up to 60 seconds without any influence on the start-up readiness of the bus. Depending on the duty cycle, this enables fuel savings of 5-10 per cent, according to Voith.

If required by the operator, Voith offers to analyse operational data like the amount and duration of stop-starts in detail. This allows individual adaptation of the transmission management and maximises the benefit of the technology for a particular route.