TruTac products welcomed by Princess Coaches

Family-owned Princess Coaches took on TruTac’s range of compliance products following a recommendation from a driver who had seen it in use with another coach operator.

“TruTac’s complementary products, TruControl PSV for tachograph analysis and TruTime clocking system, make recording and managing drivers’ working time easy,” says Princess Coaches manager Richard Matthews.

TruTime uses existing digital tachograph driver cards and hardware to clock-in and clock-out, and removes the need for manual time sheets. Clocking data is then validated against driver tachograph records for complete driving hours and time sheet reporting.

“After an online introduction to the system with one of TruTac’s staff, I found it easy to sell the idea to my own managing director, simply because of the amount of data it can collect and the time it can save me by doing so” adds Matthews. “Where once I’d be chasing drivers to download cards every week, now they do it every day when they clock-in and out.”

TruControl PSV and TruTime are designed to be simple to install, requiring only an internet connected PC and permission levels can be set for individual users depending on job role.

“When we first adopted the system, TruTac brought us up to their offices for a day’s training, which was really beneficial,” adds Matthews. 

Designed specifically for the coach and bus sector, TruControl PSV analyses mixed EU and Domestic Drivers hours, Working Time Directive and both digital and analogue tachographs.

“We now rely on it for all of that, plus we use it to verify payroll,” says Matthews. “It’s easy to use and because it’s web-based, we can run it on smart phones and tablets when we’re out of the office, saving phone calls back to the yard to confirm whether drivers have clocked-in or out.”