Walk-around Check Mobile App from Distinctive Systems

Distinctive Systems has released a free Walk-around Check Mobile App for users of its Coach Manager private hire and contract booking system, Tour Booking System and Vehicle Maintenance System.

The mobile app works either in conjunction with new functionality incorporated into VMS, or, for users that don’t have VMS, in conjunction with a new standalone application, VMS Walk-around Check Edition.

Users of Coach Manager and TBS can download a free copy of the VMS Walk-around Check Edition. And the standalone version complies with all statutory walk-around check and defect reporting requirements, according to Distinctive Systems. It also includes everything necessary for the setup and ongoing management of vehicles and drivers.

The new mobile app is designed to make it easier to ensure drivers are complying with their statutory duty to carry out a daily walk-around check and report any defects found. It guides the driver through the complete process for performing the walk-around check. 

Against each item to be checked the driver has to either touch a green button to say it is OK, or touch a red one to report a defect. When a defect is found, the driver can choose from a list of predefined common defects, or enter a description. Up to four supporting photographs can also be included for each defect. 

The walk-around check can’t be submitted until every check has been completed.

The completed walk-around check results include the date and time it was carried out, the time taken to complete it, the vehicle distance reading and the GPS location at which it was done. The mobile app stores the results locally until it picks up either a wi-fi or mobile data signal. It then uploads the results to a secure cloud-based server operated by Distinctive Systems. 

VMS polls the server at regular intervals and downloads the results directly into the VMS database. The workshop is automatically alerted as incoming defects are received. As a backup measure, the cloud-based server automatically emails a nominated address when it receives a new defect report. The mobile app can also be used to submit new defects as and when they occur.

Defects submitted using the mobile app automatically link into VMS’ existing functionality for creating a new defect description and scheduling it into the workshop. The existing integration between VMS and Coach Manager ensures the traffic office is kept appraised of all outstanding vehicle defects. The free of charge VMS Walk-around Check Edition is also fully integrated with Coach Manager.

The mobile app is available now for Android devices. An iOS version is in development and will be available as soon as it is complete. 

The Walk-around Check functionality has been incorporated into both the full and the Express versions of VMS. All Users of both the full and the Express versions of Coach Manager and TBS are entitled to use the VMS Walk-around Check Edition, provided they have a current software subscription or maintenance agreement. The VMS Walk-around Check Edition cannot be purchased separately by operators who are not users of Coach Manager, TBS or VMS.