World premiere for Volvo B5LHC Electric Hybrid double-deck

World premiere for Volvo B5LHC Electric Hybrid double-deck Håkan Agnevall, Volvo Buses; Nick Page, Volvo Bus UK & Ireland; and Leon Daniels, Transport for London.

Volvo Buses president Håkan Agnevall and TfL managing director of surface transport, Leon Daniels, launched the world premiere of the B5LHC Electric Hybrid double-deck at Euro Bus Expo 2016.

The new Wrightbus SRM-bodied bus is the first of Volvo’s double deck hybrids to have onboard equipment to take advantage of opportunity charging and was shown at the Birmingham show alongside an Opp Charge overhead charging unit.

The new Volvo B5LHC will be able to operate with zero tailpipe emissions in electric mode for around 7km between charging, although the siting of the roadside charging units will clearly be a challenge in London and requires negotiations with individual boroughs to gain planning permissions. 

The B5LHC shares the same conductive opportunity charging system used on the full Electric 7900E and Electric Hybrid 7900EH vehicles, and offers the flexibility of full-electric mode with standard diesel-electric hybrid operation. Charging is fully automated and takes between three and six minutes. Volvo points out that the infrastructure has the potential to create new opportunities for urban planning, for example allowing for the design of indoor bus termini, as it has demonstrated in its pioneering Electromobility initiative in Gothenburg.

The launch vehicle is scheduled for evaluation in London during 2017 and is certified with a passenger capacity of 87,  43 seats on the top deck with 17 seats in the lower saloon and a two-door specification.