Contactless payments launched by Stagecoach Manchester

Contactless payments launched by Stagecoach Manchester Elisabeth Tasker, MD, Stagecoach Manchester.

Stagecoach Manchester claims to be the the first bus operator in north west England to offer customers the option of contactless payments. The launch of contactless payments on 1 March is part of a £12million UK-wide investment by Stagecoach into delivering contactless technology, which aims to speed up boarding and means customers don’t need to carry cash to travel. In addition to paying via contactless credit and debit cards, customers can also use Apple Pay and Android Pay to buy their ticket from the driver.

“The introduction of contactless technology is further evidence of the transformation that bus travel is currently undergoing,” says Elisabeth Tasker, managing director, Stagecoach Manchester. “Ensuring that our customers are receiving the most efficient and hassle-free service is our priority at Stagecoach Manchester and this will allow customers to pay for their tickets more easily than ever before.”

Tasker also took the opportunity to highlight one of the current themes that Stagecoach, in particular, is advancing in an attempt to try and head off the advance of franchising; congestion and its impact on bus services.

“The delivery of high-quality bus services is a shared responsibility and, although we are investing heavily in customer improvements in the areas we can control, there is one key issue that is holding buses back and damaging air quality and that is traffic congestion,” says Tasker. “Congestion on our roads slows down journeys, pushes up fares, damages public health and undermines the work of operators to deliver improvements and attract more people to bus travel. We need politicians to step up and tackle this growing problem now, to allow our local bus networks to flourish for the many people who rely on them every day.”