Euro 6 stop-start technology for new Stagecoach East park-and-ride fleet

Euro 6 stop-start technology for new Stagecoach East park-and-ride fleet Stagecoach East MD Andy Campbell.

Stagecoach East has upgraded its park-and-ride fleet with a £4.7 million investment in 22 new ADL E400 MMC double-decks which feature stop-start technology and a redesigned colour-coded livery.

The stop-start system - well established in the car market but only just breaking into the heavy duty markets - promises to reduce fuel consumption by between 4 and 7 per cent and cut NOx emissions by 30-40 per cent.

“This is the very latest technology and was only just available when we ordered the new park-and-ride fleet,” says Andy Campbell, managing director, Stagecoach East. “The principle is a simple one: Turn the engine off when the bus isn’t moving and it will use less fuel, improving overall economy and, very importantly, lessening emissions. 

“We see this as being a positive step forwards and a significant contribution towards improving air quality in congested Cambridge, reducing our environmental impact and hopefully encouraging more customers to opt for our greener travel. 

“Looking after the environment is an important consideration for us as we have frequent bus services running every 10 minutes. When we look to invest in future vehicles, we will be looking to buy in the same technology or whatever future enhancements are available. We are committed to investing in our services as we aim to deliver the highest standards of public transport in our city, both now and in the future.”