IRU Smart Move Awards calls for submissions

The IRU is inviting submissions for its global 2017 Smart Move awards which aim to recognise projects or policies that promote sustainable passenger transport by bus and coach.

The IRU City Trophy, Bus Excellence and Coach Tourism Innovation awards will highlight cities and passenger transport companies that promote a greater use of buses and coaches in keeping with Smart Move’s values of affordability, safety, environmental performance, efficiency and user-friendliness.

“Buses and coaches are the backbone of the sustainable public mobility chain,” says Yves Mannaerts, IRU vice president and president of the IRU Passenger Transport Council. “We created these awards to showcase the best within our sector, demonstrating the commitment of the bus and coach industry and pioneer authorities to meet the increasing demand for sustainable passenger transport, while making bus and coach services even more attractive, safer and greener.”

Local authorities around the world that have implemented coach-friendly policies recognising the value of visitors discovering their city by coach are invited to apply for the IRU City Trophy Award 2017. And bus and coach companies, active in scheduled transport, whose focus is to increase their number of passengers by offering an outstanding service to customers, can compete for the IRU Bus Excellence Award 2017.

Companies active in group tourism by coach who see the results of their innovative efforts in attracting more tourists to use their service are invited to apply for the IRU Coach Tourism Innovation Award 2017.

The IRU says that its international juries will award those candidates who represent the very best of what the sector has achieved and will promote the winners as a model to follow by industry and policy partners.