£60million Stagecoach order

£60million Stagecoach order £60million Stagecoach order
Stagecoach has ordered 390 vehicles worth around £60million for its operations outside London. A highlight of the order will be 11 new 15m-long Plaxton-bodied Volvo B11s with a through-floor to give 72 seats. This will see a new-style Elite body mounted on a chassis which will also be new to the UK. One benefit of what Stagecoach describes as the “Plaxton Interdeck” will be roll-on access for wheelchairs, dispensing with the need to install a lift. The new coaches are for megabus.com services.

The company has also ordered eight additional buses for the Cambridge Busway, five Wrightbus-bodied Volvos and three Scanias with ADL Enviro400 bodies. The purchase of new bodies from Wrightbus is a rare event for Stagecoach, but the vehicles will match those already being operated on the Busway by Whippet Coaches.

As in the past, ADL wins the lion’s share of the orders, supplying 251 complete vehicles plus 85 bodies on Scania chassis. The ADL numbers include a previously-announced order for 19 hybrid Enviro350H models. ADL’s Plaxton subsidiary will deliver 30 coaches, and Van Hool will supply seven Astromega double-deckers. Optare will supply 12 vehicles.


Stagecoach bus orders 2012-13

38 ADL Enviro400
57 Scania/Enviro400

140 ADL Enviro200
54 ADL Enviro300
28 Scania/Enviro300
19 ADL Enviro350H
5 Volvo/Wrightbus Eclipse
11 Optare Solo
1 Optare Versa

11 Volvo B11/Plaxton Interdeck
10 Volvo B13R/Plaxton Panther
9 Volvo B13R/Plaxton Elite
7 Van Hool Astromega