Bio-diesel hybrid order

Bio-diesel hybrid order Bio-diesel hybrid order
Uddevalla Omnibus, on Sweden’s west coast, has ordered five hybrid buses and five ambulance coaches from Volvo. All will operate on bio-diesel - rapeseed methyl ester - and are to enter service in the summer. “With the hybrid buses, we will meet the environmental requirements of the future. Our plan is to replace all our current city buses with hybrids,” says Lars-Göran Salevik, president of Uddevalla Omnibus. The hybrid buses will be 7900 models. The diesel coaches will be 9700s.

Although Uddevalla Omnibus has its own workshops, the company has decided to outsource service and maintenance of the new vehicles to Volvo. Salevik notes: “The hybrids will require specific expertise, for example, in electro-technology and batteries, which we do not possess. The ambulance coaches will be based in Åmål and since Volvo has a workshop there, it is practical that service be conducted by its mechanics on location.”