Cleaning drive at Reading Buses

Cleaning drive at Reading Buses Cleaning drive at Reading Buses
Reading Buses says that its drive for cleaner buses, which has seen the introduction of 30 hybrid-powered vehicles, is also reflected in its approach to vehicle cleaning with a second bus wash added at its Great Knollys Street depot. The new Wilcomatic unit joins an identical wash installed last year.

“We have replaced two older machines with these new washers as part of a real drive to increase the cleanliness of the buses,” says Reading chief executive officer James Freeman.

“Instead of the bus driving through the wash, the machine drives around the bus and gives a much more thorough and cleaner output.”

The company is also installing a new water softening plant. “Through softening the water we have removed the terrible residues left by the previous washing system,” adds Freeman. “The two Wilcomatics and the water softening are designed to make our buses look as clean and tidy as they possibly can.”