Cuts guidance from Passenger Focus

Cuts guidance from Passenger Focus Cuts guidance from Passenger Focus
Passenger Focus has launched guidance designed to minimise the effects of bus service cuts. The organisation’s passenger director, David Sidebottom, explains: “Passengers tell us that their main priority is that the bus is going to turn up on time – or at all. We recognise that sometimes cuts are unavoidable, but encourage local authorities to keep passengers informed and engaged throughout – it can even help make changes that reduce the need for cuts.”

The guide which advocates better consultation is supported by case studies demonstrating the benefits of keeping local people involved.

 James Freeman, Reading Buses chief executive, notes: “This is a valuable tool for operators as well as local authorities because it’s not just for cuts – we can use it for proposed changes as well. It’s critical to be able to reach users and stakeholders.”

And it has been welcomed by Andrea Speranza, Campaign for Better Transport, who adds: “We get a lot of mail from campaigners locally saying that they haven’t been able to share their views with local authorities. Anything that can help bridge the gap, so that local authorities can get an idea of the real issues, is a positive thing.”