Go-Ahead to buy Ipswich Buses?

Go-Ahead to buy Ipswich Buses? Go-Ahead to buy Ipswich Buses?
Go-Ahead is in talks with Ipswich borough council about buying the council’s Ipswich Buses business. The company operates 70 vehicles. The move follows Go-Ahead’s purchase of the council-owned Plymouth CityBus operation at the start of December.

The deputy leader of Ipswich council, John Carnall, says: “Ipswich Buses is a minnow in the bus industry and is facing financial difficulties. In looking to link with Go-Ahead, it gives us the opportunity to bring in a national transport provider with a very good reputation, highly-skilled management, and economies of scale which Ipswich Buses could never achieve. This is likely to protect Ipswich Buses and improve services and fares for local people.”

The council is run by a coalition of Conservatives and LibDems, and the plan has been criticised by the leader of the Labour group on the council, David Ellesmere, who says fares will rise and services will be cut.  “Even if you think privatisation is right for the bus company, this is not the right time to do it,” he says. “We are in the middle of a recession and the council will not get a good deal.”

The main operator of bus services in Suffolk is First.