Ipswich opts for Ticketer

Ipswich opts for Ticketer Ipswich opts for Ticketer
Following an extensive evaluation of ticketing systems, Ipswich Buses has opted to use Ticketer to develop a web-based ticketing system for its fleet of 71 vehicles.

“We are looking forward to developing what is potentially a very exciting new ticketing system for our company,” says Ipswich Buses managing director Malcolm Robson. “This will give us the flexibility to offer shorter term ticketing marketing solutions, whilst also allowing us to take full advantage of the latest technologies to enable our users to travel using mobile phone technology and provide real-time information for our services via ticketing systems and our website.

After an examination of the various ticketing systems available we were extremely impressed with the upfront honest approach displayed by the Ticketer staff in promoting their product.  The recent introduction of the ticketing system to Reading Transport gave us the comfort to know that we are entering into an agreement which will deliver what it promised at costs we have been quoted.”

The new ticketing system is aimed for implementation on the Ipswich Buses fleet by the end of August 2011.