LibDem calls for all-electric London

LibDem calls for all-electric London LibDem calls for all-electric London
All of London’s buses should be electrically-powered by 2020, according to Mike Tuffrey, the LibDem London Assembly environment spokesman.

Tuffrey says that converting London’s buses, taxis and LGV fleets to electric operation will reduce air pollution by an estimated 25 per cent, with even greater reductions in the central area.

Tuffrey says that the cost of battery technology is coming down rapidly, and claims that fuel savings for buses give a payback time of eight years. He says: “The hardest part is converting the 8,500-strong bus fleet. Our research shows Transport for London can be saving bus fuel costs of nearly £150million a year by 2020. Even with a big investment in charging points, our whole scheme goes cash positive in 2023.

“The sad fact is the mayor is not showing ambition, preferring short-term hybrid solutions and vanity projects. London is falling far behind best practice around the world. Seoul has plans for half its public transport vehicles to be electric by 2020. In the UK, Durham already has fully electric buses on their roads; in London not a single one.”