Lower weight Leopard for Euro 6

Lower weight Leopard for Euro 6 Lower weight Leopard for Euro 6
The new Euro 6 Plaxton Leopard is no heavier than the Euro 5 model which it will replace. Plaxton says that the Euro 6 coach, on the new Volvo B8R, is in fact slightly lighter than the previous Euro 5 B9R. “This is a massive achievement for us and possibly the first for any manufacturer,” says Plaxton business development director Kevin Wood.

“To be able to offer a Euro 6 vehicle with no weight increase over the Euro 5 equivalent is something which nobody had expected could be done but thanks to close collaboration with Volvo and our experience of building lightweight structures, that’s exactly what we’ve achieved”

Of almost 40 orders placed for the new Leopard, more than half call for the Euro 6 version, including ten for the rental fleet of Dawson Bus and Coach and six for Babcock which form part of the 2014 requirements for the Ministry of Defence.