New wheel dolly range from Stertil

New wheel dolly range from Stertil New wheel dolly range from Stertil
Vehicle lifting specialist Stertil Koni has extended its range of Wheel Dollies. Designed to ensure the safe and precise handling of heavy and cumbersome commercial vehicle wheels, the range now comprises three models offering lifting capacities from 500kg to 1,000kg.

The Standard Wheel Dolly is designed for low level duties and can be used for work over inspection pits and under raised vehicles.

The Hi-Lift has been developed specifically for working with mobile column lifts or surface mounted platform lifts without a base frame.

And the Counterbalance Wheel Dolly is for use with recessed platform lifts, scissor lifts and those with a base-frame under the platform. All three new models are operated by using a manual hydraulic pump although battery-powered versions are available depending on models and applications.

Stertil Koni says that its Wheel Dolly range can tackle all potential wheel and tyre lifting applications and can be operated by one person for tasks that have traditionally required the involvement of two people to ensure safe handling.

“Vehicle workshops present many challenges to those companies which strive to ensure excellent performance alongside safe working practices,” says Tony Edge, general manager. “Since their introduction, our Wheel Dollies have been welcomed by customers who share our view that personnel welfare can be assured without compromising on the performance and reliability of the workshop equipment we supply.

“Now, by extending the range, our Wheel Dollies can be relied upon to simplify a greater number of wheel and tyre handling applications particularly those involving twin-wheeled vehicles.”