Record £100million Stagecoach order

Record £100million Stagecoach order Record £100million Stagecoach order
Stagecoach has placed record orders for almost 570 new buses valued at over £100million. ADL is again the major supplier, with 357 complete vehicles and 128 bodies on other makers' chassis. A surprise order will see Volvo and Wrightbus deliver 32 B5LH hybrid double-deckers for operation in London. They will be accompanied by 40 ADL Enviro400H hybrids. These are the only hybrids ordered, although Scania will be supplying 23 low-carbon gas-powered single-deckers for the group's Sunderland fleet, along with 97 diesel buses for other regional businesses.

The company's coach fleet will receive 46 new vehicles, 38 Van Hools and eight Volvo B11Rs with Plaxton's Elite i body. The Van Hools include 26 Euro 6 Astromegas to replace the Oxford Tube fleet, and three Astromega sleeper coaches.

The bus orders include 29 of ADL's new Euro 6 Enviro400 for Manchester, and 38 Gold specification vehicles. Optare will supply 13 Solos.  All of the new vehicles will be fitted with CCTV, while more than 350 will also have wi-fi installed.

Stagecoach group chief executive Martin Griffiths says: “This record investment is a major boost for UK jobs in manufacturing and many other smaller businesses in the supply chain. It is also a huge vote of confidence in the future of bus and coach travel in Britain. By investing in quality and continuing to offer the best value travel of any major operator in the UK, we can help people save money, rely less on their cars and use a greener way to access work, health, education and leisure."


The Stagecoach orders

UK Regional operations

Scania/ADL Enviro400    69
ADL Enviro400 Euro 6    29

ADL Enviro200    201
ADL Enviro300    86
Scania/ADL Enviro300    28
Scania/ADL Enviro300 Gas    23
Optare Solo    13

Van Hool Astromega    32
Van Hool Altano LHD    6
Volvo B11R/Plaxton    8

London operations
ADL Enviro400H hybrid    40
Volvo B5LH/Wrightbus hybrid    32
ADL Enviro400 Euro 6    1

Photo: ADL to supply 357 complete vehicles and 128 bodies on other makers' chassis.