Rotala buses up, coaches down

Rotala buses up, coaches down Rotala buses up, coaches down
Revenue at Rotala was up 26 per cent in 2011, at £56.1million, from the 2010 figure of £44.6million, largely because of the group’s purchase of Preston Bus. Pre-tax profit rose by 14 per cent to £1.88million (2010: £1.65million). Underlying revenue growth was 4 per cent.

Over half of the group’s revenue, £30.9million, comes from commercial bus operation; this is up from £21.8million in 2010 thanks mainly to the Preston Bus acquisition. The next biggest business sector is contracted services at £21.9million, up from £18.8million in 2010. This includes not just tendered bus services but also National Express coach operations.

Charter services contributed £3.3million to the group’s income, down from £4.0million in 2010. Says non-executive chairman John Gunn: “Revenues in this business stream tend to be more one-off and erratic in nature, as we are using our contacts and expertise in this area to provide a bespoke service. Disruption work resulting from poor weather conditions made less of a contribution to turnover this year. At the same time we took a deliberate policy decision several years ago to reduce gradually the number of coaches we operate for speculative private hire work, as we felt that this line of business was exposed to higher levels of risk in current economic conditions.”