Rotala expands and raises group profits

Rotala expands and raises group profits Rotala expands and raises group profits
Rotala’s turnover in the first six months of 2011 rose by 18 per cent over the same period last year to £26.6million (2010: £22.5million), with the bulk of the growth being attributable to the group’s acquisition of Preston Bus in January this year. Pre-tax profit was up by 15 per cent at £0.92million (2010: £0.80million). The group now runs 540 vehicles with its main centres of operation in the West Midlands, Bristol and Preston.

Speaking of the Preston acquisition Rotala chairman John Gunn says: “We are pleased with the start the business has made under our ownership and, as Preston sits in a region which has a historically high level of bus usage, it offers, in the longer term, attractive areas of potential expansion.” The group is also hoping to expand in Bristol, and is taking on a new depot at Avonmouth.

Rotala has invested in hybrids with the support of the government’s Green Bus Fund and later this year will be putting 15 Optare hybrids into operation in Preston, Bath and Solihull.

Rotala is one group which is not opposed to the Competition Commission’s investigation into the bus industry. Says Gunn: “We do not see anything detrimental to the smaller operator like ourselves in these reports.

“The Commission will undoubtedly seek to enhance competition in the local bus market in their final proposals. These should bring discernible benefit to our commercial bus operations.”